Quick-Erect Stopping System  

The Quick construction aperture from the Ore Mountains

The new modular system made of aluminium – telescopic rods and radon barrier foils for a responsibly radiation protection
Protect your miner with the quick construction aperture against radon exposrures in rehabilitation works at the old mining
Developed in cooperation with the Saxon radiation protection authority (LfULG) and the „Bergsicherung Schneeberg GmbH“

  • assembly and disassembly in a short time
  • fits in each section
  • reusable (out of foil)
  • light and therefore easy to transport quickly and easily
  • assembly without tools
  • can be retrofitted with a zipper for weather door

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Quick-Erect Stopping System for immediate protection of miners against radon exposures at underground mining safety work in the old mining.

At mining safety work in the Saxon old mining, seven mountain safeguarding establishments employ about 250 miners at 60 construction sites in the annual average. Many sites are small constructions sites up to six miners who are operated just a few weeks or months. Questionable is the access of powerful with radon replied gases with an activity concentration up to 100.000 Bg/m3 cause of numerous old mining openings to the sites. If the fan and the airtight tube for ventilation of the mine bring fresh gases they often take them to high weather pressures in the mine. Then they are mixed with radon replied gases and be pushed out of the mine again. 

Because oft that the underground radon exposure of the miners in the Ore Mountains and in the Vogtland are very high. Despite complex radiation protection measures like weathering, weather aperture construction and staff turnover the miners get an annual dose which come close tot he limit of 20 mSv.

Old mining openings should be separated for radiation protection oft he miners from the construction sites by weather apertures. The conventional weather aperture construction is time-consuming and material-intensive. Weather apertures are usually locally built of wood and foils or stones. 

Because of this effort the underground old mining openings in the environment of small and briefly operated sites are frequently open. To reduce the radon exposures of the miners at underground mining safety work in the old mining a weather apertures system was developed which can separate old mining pits weathertight within minutes.

The Quick-Erect Stopping System is of light weight, reusable and it adapts to all possible cross-sections of old mining openings. 

The EWS consists of a modular system of plugged into one another telescopic aluminum tubes, foils various sizes and glue. A foil is placed with the edge on the ground and by the intermeshing pluggable, extendable telescopic tubes clamped in a star shape in all directions with the mountains. Then the foils are glued. Finally the excess foil is cut. If required for moving in the mine a zipper can be glued subsequently. The foil behind the zipper is cut open and the weather aperture is becoming a weather door. 

The EWS is with the ecxeption of foil and clue reusable and can be dismantled in a few minutes. 

The EWS improves the underground radiation protection for miners and increases productivity at mountain safety work in old mining by eliminating time-consuming timbered or brick weather apertures made of wood or stone. 



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